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Be the change you wish to see in the world!!

Total Crowdfunding is hiring (paid) content contributors –  reporters, citizen journalists, bloggers, home-makers, community organizers, etc. from around the world to find emotionally compelling, relatable, and empathetic fundraising campaigns to go on our platform.

We are looking for contributors who can find human interest stories that people worldwide can rally around.

Job responsibilities:

  • Find worthy causes and help them start a campaign, and find donors.
  • Support community, individuals, and organizations in raising funds and guide them through the campaign setup process.
  • Be able to promote campaigns on various media and social platforms.
  • Act as customer service and tech support for site users.
  • Field any incoming questions from campaigners to make sure their campaign running properly.

Qualifications: High school or equivalent; must be able to work remotely. Must have active social media accounts with at least 2,000 or more followers (on Twitter or Instagram).

To Apply: 

  • Please send us a brief description of yourself. Make sure to include:
    • Any experience you may have with promoting causes online
    • Tell us how you intend to generate campaigns for our site
    • The region you would like to cover
  • Provide links to all of your social media accounts
  • Link to 5 current issues you will like to raise funds for in your area.

Please note: Before starting a campaign on behalf of individuals or an organization written consent must be acquired.

Salary: Contributors will be paid on commission. One percent (1%) of the amount raised plus expenses not to exceed two percent (2%) goes to the writer or the verified author. Before applying to become a contributor, please visit the list of countries we cover.

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