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H. How to link your campaign with your social media handle?

Social media is an indelible means of engaging your community.

You can share your campaign on social media in three steps

  1. Link your campaign to your social media profiles
    1. Your campaign and social media should be integrated by linking to your campaign and social network profiles. This can be done in different ways, but people typically add links to their social media bios.
    2. Make sure to share your campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach the widest audience.
    3. Try to post during peak times of engagement; that is when a lot of people are online.
  2. Regularly update your social content with new information
    1. You should regularly (but not too frequently) share campaign updates to social media.
    2. Always add a link to your campaign page.
    3. Make your own original #hashtag.
    4. Get your funding requests to pop by using images and GIFs to make your campaign stand out.
  3. Make sharing easy with a reminder to “share this content” on the campaign itself and social media.

Try not to focus on your monetary goals. Instead, emphasize where the funds will go and what good it will do.




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