Total Crowdfunding Community Outreach

On Total Crowdfunding, those in our community (both domestic and globally) are able to raise funds for just about any issue. These are the five global community initiatives that we at Total Crowdfunding (TC) are supporting: clean water, health care, farming, education, and local infrastructure. We seek to spotlight the following humanitarian projects and their impact on those who need it most:

          – Communities in need of access to clean drinking water

          – Access to community clinics, clean, public hospitals, especially with a natal hospital wing

          – Capital for farmers who primarily raise poultry, goat, and fish in rural areas. The raised funds could be used for seeds, irrigation, nets, etc.  

          – Funds for schools such as supplies, free lunch, etc.

          – Local Infrastructure measures: improvement to roads, tunnels and bridges, buses, water transportation etc. 


Note: To qualify for join promotion with Total Crowdfunding, local infrastructure project plan must include focus on making all of these modes of transportation wheelchair accessible. 


Why these issues are important to Total Crowdfunding?

While it is true that our world is constantly changing, access to basic amenities will always be a constant. With these issues resolved, this is how communities would be the best benefit. 

Clean drinking water: According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to clean drinking water. Further reporting from the WHO “reveals that 1.8 billion people have gained access to basic drinking water services since 2000, but there are vast inequalities in the accessibility, availability and quality of these services.” Campaigns for clean drinking water are able to minimize these inequalities. 

Access to Health Care: It is critical to have access to affordable and competent medical practitioners. To that end, we encourage our communities to crowdfund for their medical needs. 

Agriculture: Farmers around the world are under duress due to climate change, terrorist organization and land grab for mining. By raising funds on Total Crowdfunding, communities who were hit the hardest by climate change or other external factors will still be able to start the process of financial recuperation.

Education: According to Humanium, “more than 72 million children of primary education age” are not in school and / or do not have access to quality education. This disparity can continue a generation of financial inequality as well as a deficit in development on a personal and structural level. 

Local Infrastructure: Not only will local infrastructure improve our everyday lives, by routing public transportation to neighborhoods and cities that need it most, but it will minimize the need for personal cars, therefore cutting back on carbon emissions. Such changes will drastically shift the trajectory of climate change. 

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